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In the News


Interview with Richard Muller

National Geographic Channel: Inside the Nuclear Threat

Richard Muller on TV as part of the Explorer Series

Wall Street Journal Op Ed "Naked Copenhagen"


Underlying data

ICT and Smart Green

Elizabeth Muller speaks on "ICT and Smart Green Investments" at the 2009 GovTech conference in South Africa

Op-ed, published on US President inauguration day 2009

Green Bickering and Cleaner than Thou Squabbling

Columns published in MIT's Technology Review

Medieval Global Warming -- ancient climate becomes politicized

Alaska is melting... Can Kyoto Save it? -- No. The problem is China.

The Witch of Yucca Mountain -- irrational fear of nuclear waste

Global Warming Bombshell -- the 'hockey stick' is dead

The Conservation Bomb -- Long-term prognosis for the Earth: Excellent!

Hydrogen Economy Pollution -- not as clean as some people think

Other Resources

White papers

The Future of Nuclear Power

... more coming soon

A Chapter from Richard Muller's Undergraduate Text:

Chapter 10 -- Climate Change

The popular book for general audiences:

Physics for Future Presidents

Websites of interest:

Richard Muller's website

CS Transform website (formerly Gov3)
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