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Major projects done by the principals of the company include:

Private Sector

For a large industrial conglomerate
  • Led a workshop for executive leadership on the future of energy, implications for core industrial capabilities, and new opportunities
For investors
  • Due dilligence on a new design for water purification
  • Due dilligence on micro-generation of electricity using a novel design for wind power
  • Due dilligence on small scale nuclear power generation
For a major energy company
  • Led workshops on oil pipeline leak detection, and recovery of methane hydrates. Took responsibility for organizing work and writing the final report.
  • Participant in workshops on geoengineering, new methods for enhanced oil recovery, and underground coal gasification. Contributed critical ideas that solved key issues and wrote sections of final report.
  • Part of the advisory committee for biofuels.
For a major private equity firm
  • Reviewed technologies related to nuclear power, and made recommendations for investment
  • Evaluated future trends in the boiler industry
  • Analyzed coal gasification technologies and made recommendations for future development and use
For a venture capital firm
  • Analyzed technology, viability and market for advanced battery technologies and fuel cells - with emphasis on identifying technology critical paths
For a major IT company
  • Analyzed vendor strategies for working with government, focusing on what IT companies should do to improve their relationship with governments around the world
For silicon valley startups
  • Developed the software architecture responsible for command and control functions within a utility-scale solar power plant
  • Designed and built monitoring facilities for real-time tracking and archival of distributed power generation capabilities
  • Developed intellectual property, including patents, for 3D Television company, with a specific focus on "auto stereo" (3D TV without glasses)


Engagement of stakeholders, including governors, ministers, researchers, local community groups, and international aid organisations to build consensus on how international donor funds can be used most effectively to leverage Nigeria's own oil resources

United States - Federal Government
Analysis of portable energy technologies, including evaluation and recommendations. Analysis of the bio-terrorism threat.
Reviewer for the U.S. National Academy of Sciences on recent climate change, based on an analysis of the IPCC report.

United States - State of California
Review committee for the National Ignition Facility Fusion Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Abu Dhabi
Model for citizen-centric service delivery through national government portal for the Government of Abu Dhabi

Developing national action plan for the Information Society for the Government of Bangladesh

Government project to develop national government portal and citizen-centric delivery strategy

Review of national e-Government strategy and recommendations for action

Developed ICT-enabled transformation strategy for Government of Turkey

United Kingdom
Customer Service Review for Department for Transport

United States - State of Michigan
Government program for digital inclusion in Michigan State

International Organizations

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Wrote the chapter on IT Policy for the 2002 and 2006 OECD Information Technology Outlook

European Commission
Development of methodology for comparing citizen-centricity of national government portals

Berkeley Earth
Muller & Associates principals founded a major study on Global Warming (see
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