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Elizabeth Muller is CEO of Muller & Associates and International Governance Expert
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Vincent Gutschick, Biologist and Global Change Consultant

Vincent Gutschick recently (January, 2008) moved into consulting on global change , taking early leave from a long career in academia and at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His research and teaching focus of the last decade-plus has been on plant physiology, physiological modelling, remote sensing, global change issues of water and energy, and extreme events. His long-term interests include energy technologies, particularly life-cycle assessments. His new consulting work, in collaboration with scientists in several disciplines, covers pollution control at an Asian oil field and optimizing agricultural water use on major orchard crops in NM, CA, and TX.

Dr. Gutschick began his career in chemistry (B. S., Notre Dame) and chemical physics (Ph. D., Caltech, on quantum scattering theory, molecular electronic structure, and liquid-state critical phenomena). At Los Alamos, he segued into photosynthetic energy transfer and then broad areas of plant physiology, aided by a real botanist, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, who then became his wife. He has developed a number of experimental and modelling methods as well as field instrumentation. He developed much plant physiological and ecological research - field, lab, greenhouse, and mathematical modelling - at New Mexico State University, where he was a founding member of the Plant Genetic Engineering Laboratory, and on sabbaticals at CSIRO/Australia, the Carnegie Institution/Stanford, and ENSA-M/France.

He brings to Muller & Associates a particular blend of experience:
  • Active research across many disciplines, evidenced by publications in books and in 30 different journals in physics, chemistry, plant physiology, botany, agronomy, ecology, and other areas of biology; and reviewing for 28 different journals in these fields, as well as 5 federal agencies and 2 foreign and international agencies
  • Active personal contacts with researchers in diverse disciplines, in many states and 8 nations. Contacts arose in direct collaborations and in many conferences from regional to national to international.
  • The great fortune to have had Richard Feynman as his teacher in advanced quantum mechanics and, more so, as inculcating in him the highly constructive attitude to research - working it out for oneself before examining work to date and its traps.
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