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Richard Muller, President and Chief Scientist

Richard Muller is President of Muller & Associates, Professor of Physics at the University of California at Berkeley and Faculty Senior Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

He has expertise in energy, environment, geophysics, applied physics, technology, and fundamental physics, including energy efficiency and conservation, solar power, nuclear power and waste storage, coal and clean coal, natural gas, oil, batteries, fuel cells, transmission lines and smart grid, bio and other alternative fuels, and more.

He was a referee for the National Academy of Sciences on IPCC work, and is the principal author of a technical book Ice Ages and Astronomical Causes (Springer, 2000). He has over three decades of high level advising to the US Government (Dept. of Energy, NASA, Dept. of Defense, others) on science and technology issues relating to energy and national security. He is also an advisor/consultant to many companies on energy and high-tech, including BP, AEA Investors, Dot Eco LLC, Direct from Carbon LLC, and various VC companies.

Awarded MacArthur Prize, the National Science Foundation Alan T. Waterman Award, the Texas Instruments Foundation Founders Prize, the Distinguished Teaching Award, and the Donald Sterling Noyce Prize. He was named by Newsweek as one of top 25 innovators in the US in all fields in 1989, and recently (March 09) featured in Forbes Magazine. Fellow of the American Physical Society, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the California Academy of Sciences.

Author of over 120 scientific articles and eight books, including Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines (Norton, 2008). See also his web page.

Richard has been married to Rosemary Muller for over 40 years, and has two daughters, Elizabeth and Melinda.


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