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Gwendolyn Carpenter, Public Sector Consultant

Gwendolyn is a Public Sector Consultant for Muller & Associates. She has 5 years of experience in national level policy assessment, evaluation and formulation of recommendations focusing on public sector modernisation and public service transformation, in particular on the policy areas of e-government and Information Society policies. Working both as a Senior policy advisor at the OECD and in private sector consulting roles, she focused on the future readiness of public administrations, as well as on government policy to improve the emerging knowledge society, foster economic growth and competitiveness and create better quality of life for all citizens with new technologies. All of her roles required detailled technical assessment of policies and programmes, and review of comparative data to assess potential and progress and the negotiation of new strategic directions. She is a German and British national and holds a Masters in Media and Communications from the London School of Economics.
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