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Filippa Price, Public Sector Consultant: Middle East

Filippa is a Public Sector Consultant for Muller & Associates, based in the Middle East. She has an extensive background working in complex delivery projects for both the public and private sector. She has spent over four years working with multiple UK Government Departments to deliver common infrastructure, such as the Government Gateway and DotP (the original content management system for the UK government citizen portal). In 2007 Filippa worked on establishing a CIO directorate wide e-Government program management office for the UK's Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture. Prior to this Filippa has worked in the e-Delivery Team at the UK Cabinet Office holding a number of positions, including responsibility for establishing and running the cross-government governance arrangements to support common infrastructure and shared services, reporting to the CIO Council. Further to this, Filippa has also established and managed a central Project Management Office, performed a full organizational review and has taken the lead role within the transition program to move the e-Delivery Team out of London as part of the Lyons Review. She has been working with Gov3 since 2008, and was part of the team (with Elizabeth Muller) that carried out stakeholder consultations in Nigeria, looking at how international donor funds can be used most effectively to leverage Nigeria's own oil resources.
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