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Our Team

The Muller & Associates team includes Nobel Laureates, MacArthur "Geniuses", experienced industry leaders, and world class scientific and government experts who can help you understand which technology options are best for your specific country/region/city or business.

Executive Leadership

Richard Muller, President and Chief Scientist
Elizabeth Muller, CEO
Will Glaser, Business Advisor

Advisory Board

Arthur Rosenfeld, Former California Energy Commissioner
Charles H. Townes, Nobel Laureate
Marlan Downey, Oil and Gas Executive

Technical Experts

David B. Goldstein, Energy Efficiency Expert
Bill Edwards, Governance Expert
Vincent Gutschick, Biologist and Global Change Consultant
Jonathan Wurtele, Physicist
Dmitry Budker, Physicist
Carlos Gadsden-Carrasco, Governance Expert
Jonathan Levine, Physicist
Jonathan Katz, Physicist and Energy Technology Consultant
Sharad Pustake, Energy Consultant
David Woolsey, Science and Engineering Consultant
Alan Shinn, Optics and Technology Consultant

Business Management

Joyce Freedman, Business Manager
Emily Thurston, Business Development Manager
Rob Llewellyn, Program and Project Manager


Olga Budker, Business Development
Gwendolyn Carpenter, Public Sector Consultant
Kirsten Jongberg, Consultant

Middle East and North Africa

Rahal Waladi, Business Development
Filippa Price, Public Sector Consultant

Latin America

Claudio Interdonato, Manager and Public Sector Consultant
Alejandro López Conde A., Consultant and Business Development
Alvaro Perez Veiga, Consultant and Business Development
Alejandro Martinez-Zurita, Consultant


Grace Kwan, Manager and Public Sector Consultant
Prashant Gulalkari, Public Sector Consultant

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