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Investors - Making profitable investments in alternative energy

Muller & Associates provides technical expertise across multiple sectors and deep due diligence for an inter-connected world.

Firms that made successful Internet investments are increasingly moving into high tech and clean tech where deeper technical skills are required. Muller & Associates works with these firms to strengthen the investment portfolio and avoid poor technology investments.

Muller & Associates helps businesses develop energy solutions that are both profitable and scalable, leveraging the knowledge of experts with a deep understanding of the relevant technologies. Our team integrates science with economics, long-term trends, and business acumen, to ensure that our clients are making the right investments for their organization. We target the right technologies for the strengths of each organization, balancing the tradeoff between long-term value and short-term investment.

Muller & Associates demystifies complex technical issues in such a way that clients can make their own educated decisions.

For energy and technology companies, Muller & Associates:
  • Evaluates future trends in energy technologies
  • Analyzes potential acquisitions and profitable investments
  • Organizes expert-led reviews of technical issues, best practices, and innovation
For venture capitalists and investment funds, Muller & Associates:
  • Analyzes energy technologies in terms of technical viability and market
  • Reviews and recommends energy technologies based on specific investment criteria
  • Acts as technology advisors for companies that have received investment capital
We help our clients target the right technologies to ensure long-term value for their investments.

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