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Government energy policy is increasingly confounded by the complex interplay of international treaties, fluctuating prices, declining reserves, and a rapidly growing array of technological developments. Energy policy involves economics, energy security, and climate change. For some initiatives, these issues may be addressed simultaneously. For others the potential solutions might be in direct conflict. Coal, as one example, is abundant in some countries, but it is also a strong emitter of carbon dioxide.

Addressing such issues can be made more difficult by strident public debate, with prominent people making conflicting assertions. Real science is non-partisan; and we have found that when presented in a neutral manner, knowledge can help bridge the gap between conflicting parties.

Muller & Associates helps governments and other organizations with:
  • Clean Energy - demystifying emerging technologies and avoiding costly "misinvestments"
  • Energy Security - reconciling reliable energy provision with environmental concerns
  • Industrial Strategy - analysis of high technology opportunities in manufacturing and delivery
Even within the most advanced countries, governing bodies often lack the detailed scientific and technological expertise to make the best investments. The aim is to provide politically-neutral counsel that is broad in scope while rooted in the hard facts of state-of-the-art science and engineering. Muller & Associates provides these organizations with the expertise they need on a broad array of topics. Muller & Associates combines this scientific and technical analysis with a proven ability to deliver practical recommendations that can be put into effect right away.

The key concept is to make the right match between the best technologies and the strengths of the government. Muller & Associates seeks to identify the most suitable solutions for the client government, while balancing the tradeoff between long-term value and short-term investment.
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